Illinois Electric Choice

In 1997, the state of Illinois passed the Illinois Electric Service Customer Choice and Rate Relief Act of 1997 which led to the deregulation of the Illinois power market. The deregulation forced the break-up of the monopoly and allowed new businesses to form and supply energy to the residents and business owners in Illinois. Therefore, the residents and business owners in Illinois suddenly were given the power to choose who provided their energy. This website will help you navigate the structure Illinois Electric Choice, the deregulation of the market and how it affects the residents in Illinois.

The Electric Service Customer Choice and Rate Relief Act of 1997 froze the prices of energy for 10 years. In 2007 the price freeze was removed and prices increased. There was a public outcry at how high the prices were getting and then there was new legislation put into place to help with the high prices.  This was called the “The Power Agency Act” and went into being on
August 28, 2007. It provided nearly $1 billion in rate relief for the Illinois residents over the next four years. Also to help with the relief of the price increase, they created the Illinois Power Agency which would perform the power procurement process.

The deregulation of the market broke-up the monopoly but there are still only two utility providers in the state of Illinois. They are Ameren and ComEd. Ameren services the southern part of Illinois while ComEd services the northern part of Illinois. Residents and businesses in Illinois have the power to choose who supplies their energy but their bill will still come from either Ameren or
ComEd depending on their location.

The deregulation of Illinois energy suppliers has allowed residents a choice in who suppliers their power. Visit Choose Energy to learn more.
All you have to do is enter in your zip code and it will go through its database to see which energy suppliers are in your area. Then you can pick your energy supplier by price and location. It’s very simple to use and will help you save money.

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