Illinois Electricity News

by Illinois Electric Choice on November 14, 2011

Here are some of the recent news stories in regards to electricity in Illinois – The links below discuss cities discussing whether or not to place their entire city’s electric usage up for bid, Ameren discussing proposed transmission lines, and news on the Exelon – Constellation Energy merger.

Electricity Bills In The Spotlight
By AJ Goldsmith Lots of things are costing more these days, but electricity needn’t be one of them. The Illinois Commerce Commission has put electricity on the auction block and scores of power producers are vying to provide power for homeowners and …

Decision Expected Tonight on Electric Rates Referendum
Montgomery would work through the Northern Illinois Municipal Electric Collaborative, a group of 140 government entities that negotiates with electricity companies. The village has been working with NIMEC since 1997, to obtain lower rates for its water …

Ill. lawmakers OK electricity measure despite veto
By CHRISTOPHER WILLS Illinois lawmakers on Wednesday gave electric companies the authority to raise rates to produce money for modernizing the state power grid, despite opposition from consumer advocates and an outright veto by Gov. Pat Quinn. …

Ameren to begin second round of public meetings
BLOOMINGTON — Ameren Illinois will begin a second round of public meetings where Bloomington residents and businesses can learn more about a proposed 345000-volt transmission line planned to run across the city’s south side. …

Ill. seeks Exelon-Constellation merger hearing
In her letter, Madigan pointed out that units of Exelon and Constellation both sell power to the Illinois Power Agency, which is the state agency responsible for buying power for customers who do not access the retail market for electricity. …

Will electricity rates go down in Belleville?
An Ameren Illinois spokesman said that to his knowledge, no other community in Ameren Illinois territory has yet voted on it, though many are considering it. Arlene Juracek, director of the Illinois Power Agency, which procures electricity through a …


Illinois Energy Choice – Helping To Save On Energy Costs

by Illinois Electric Choice on November 9, 2011

It does not come as a surprise that a lot of energy programs and policy formulations are brought up each and every day.  This is more so with the seriousness given to Illinois electric choice. All the stakeholders are involved – Just to give you some highlights, have a look at these:

Among the activities involved to power Illinois is the economic stimulus. This has received a major boost when on February 17, 2009; President Obama signed into law the $787 billion economic stimulus bill specifically known as the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. What this Act holds includes energy initiatives which include substantial investment in energy. To carry into effect of the Acts contents, the DCEO’s Office of Energy and Recycling was charged with implementation of these provisions with the aim of creation of jobs, stimulation of the economy as well as the improvement of the environment and to drive not only Illinois but the U.S Nation towards energy independence.  The stimulus has not been much of a success in regards to either of its intended goals.

For any industrial development, energy efficiency programs have to be laid out and to be running.  The Illinois energy efficient
investments are a factor to reckon with. The investments have immensely boosted the Illinois economy as they have brought strong and diverse benefits which include; protection of consumers and businesses against high energy prices, improvement
of electric reliability through reduction of congestion on the electricity grid, support for the retention of manufacturing jobs which can be done by reducing manufacturing energy costs as well as support for the manufacture of new high-efficiency products, reduction of risk towards fuel price volatility and reduction of energy waste through support of public health and the environmental quality. There is also the added benefit of keeping Illinois energy dollars within the local economy.

Although the list is very long, I should at least mention the recycling program. What might hit you as a surprise is that every year, recycling in Illinois diverts over 9.1 million tons of useful materials from landfills helping save enough energy to heat and light 578,000 households. An amazing 53.3 millions of tree alone are saved by recycling paper in Illinois. The recycling programs as well do create jobs as recycling material versus land-filling approximately creates up to 10 times as many jobs. Creation of jobs is not the only thing; it saves energy and generates cost-effective materials recycled back into the economic mainstream for manufacture feedstock.


Energy efficiency for businesses in Illinois

November 8, 2011

Formulation of policies is one thing and their implementation is another thing.  However, Illinois has been able to walk the talk. It has emerged that Illinois is one of the leading performers in US states pertaining energy efficient policies. This is according to a report released by the American Council for an Energy Efficiency Economy [...]

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Electricity news in Illinois

November 7, 2011

There is amazing news available about Illinois Electric Choice.  For instance, there is creation of jobs through the Energy Office. The office also through its programs and policies sees stimulation of economic development in the Green Economy. The programs and policies helps in economic growth improving the environment as well as diversity in Illinois Electricity [...]

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History of deregulation in Illinois

November 7, 2011

Though it might at times seem complicated, electricity deregulation is usually simple. The only idea concerning deregulation is competitiveness provides a means for reduced electricity cost to the consumer. With Illinois Electricity Deregulation of the market, even though both commercial and residential users are able to continue purchasing electricity from their utilities, they are still [...]

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Illinois Power Generation

November 6, 2011

One would imagine that energy production is uniform in all states. The fact is, Illinois has one of the largest networks of nuclear facilities in the nation – with six nuclear power plants. Approximately over half of Illinois energy is nuclear. The state has one of the largest nuclear generation capacities of all the states [...]

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Structure of the Illinois power market

November 5, 2011

The significant effect on Illinois power market was the 10 year freeze on electric rates. After the freeze expired at the end of 2006, it was followed by a drastic skyrocketing of rates on bundled default service which were provided by the legacy utilities by the beginning of 2007. This affected all customers who had [...]

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Energy Choices in Illinois: Helping Lower Energy Costs

November 4, 2011

Illinois residents certainly have one thing to be happy about. Even with the financial problems experiencing by almost everyone, smaller electric bills are being experienced by individuals as deregulation of energy supply gave them choices. The competitive market for Illinois energy suppliers has made energy costs in Illinois something to be happy about. More and [...]

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Energy choices in Illinois helping consumers lower costs

November 3, 2011

Illinois residents are legally allowed to change their Illinois power supplier. As part of the energy choices movement of electric deregulation, Illinois electricity is no longer controlled by a few small, state-regulated electric companies. Now that the market has been opened up to competition,Illinois residents have many more energy choices than they had in the [...]

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Deregulation Of Energy In Illinois – How Does It Affect You?

September 27, 2011

The recent global recession did make an impact on the world, and also on almost everyone’s life. Though he we have recovered to a significant extent, the economy is still not at the same level it was supposed to be. This has led us to look for other ways wherein we can save some extra [...]

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