Deregulation Of Energy In Illinois – How Does It Affect You?

by Illinois Electric Choice on September 27, 2011

The recent global recession did make an impact on the world, and also on almost everyone’s life. Though he we have recovered to a
significant extent, the economy is still not at the same level it was supposed to be. This has led us to look for other ways wherein we can save some extra money from our expenses.

A close look at your various bills, such as the telephone, internet, TV, insurance, etc can give you an idea on how to lower them. This can be simply done by opting for a budget plan, or switching to a different provider. However, what should be done with the electric and natural gas bills?

The average monthly bills for the consumption of energy in Illinois is said to be in the range of $200-$225 per month. If calculated for a year, we see that the yearly payments for these bills come around to $2400-$2700. This is definitely a big figure. Wouldn’t it be great if we could save some money on these electric bills too?

Deregulation of energy in Illinois

Now, with the majority of the states going for energy deregulation, the scenario is changing, and for the good of the customers. With the deregulation in effect, there are various private companies in the market that supply energy to the customers at lower rates.

The deregulation of energy in Illinois, Texas and New York paved the way for the other states, and most of the states are now in favor of passing these laws. Let us now take a look at the various advantages of this energy deregulation.

Some advantages – what does energy deregulation have in store for you?

  • The choice of savings and services – One of the primary reasons why the government favored deregulation was to eliminate the monopoly in the market. Since previously there was only one company, it always did not work in the best interest of its customers.
  • Simplicity – If you earlier had to use two different providers to fulfill your electricity and gas, you can now find a provider that supplies both, thus making it simple to track your bills.
  • Additional discounts – Most of the suppliers of energy in Illinois are known to offer huge discounts if you opt for bundled
    services from them.
  • Job opportunities – With the emergence of these Illinois energy suppliers, the market has become very competitive. As a result, these providers now offer work-at-home job opportunities. You are only required to enroll new customers, and a commission is paid to you on their total monethly energy expenses.

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