Illinois Energy Choice – Helping To Save On Energy Costs

by Illinois Electric Choice on November 9, 2011

It does not come as a surprise that a lot of energy programs and policy formulations are brought up each and every day.  This is more so with the seriousness given to Illinois electric choice. All the stakeholders are involved – Just to give you some highlights, have a look at these:

Among the activities involved to power Illinois is the economic stimulus. This has received a major boost when on February 17, 2009; President Obama signed into law the $787 billion economic stimulus bill specifically known as the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. What this Act holds includes energy initiatives which include substantial investment in energy. To carry into effect of the Acts contents, the DCEO’s Office of Energy and Recycling was charged with implementation of these provisions with the aim of creation of jobs, stimulation of the economy as well as the improvement of the environment and to drive not only Illinois but the U.S Nation towards energy independence.  The stimulus has not been much of a success in regards to either of its intended goals.

For any industrial development, energy efficiency programs have to be laid out and to be running.  The Illinois energy efficient
investments are a factor to reckon with. The investments have immensely boosted the Illinois economy as they have brought strong and diverse benefits which include; protection of consumers and businesses against high energy prices, improvement
of electric reliability through reduction of congestion on the electricity grid, support for the retention of manufacturing jobs which can be done by reducing manufacturing energy costs as well as support for the manufacture of new high-efficiency products, reduction of risk towards fuel price volatility and reduction of energy waste through support of public health and the environmental quality. There is also the added benefit of keeping Illinois energy dollars within the local economy.

Although the list is very long, I should at least mention the recycling program. What might hit you as a surprise is that every year, recycling in Illinois diverts over 9.1 million tons of useful materials from landfills helping save enough energy to heat and light 578,000 households. An amazing 53.3 millions of tree alone are saved by recycling paper in Illinois. The recycling programs as well do create jobs as recycling material versus land-filling approximately creates up to 10 times as many jobs. Creation of jobs is not the only thing; it saves energy and generates cost-effective materials recycled back into the economic mainstream for manufacture feedstock.

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