Energy Choices in Illinois: Helping Lower Energy Costs

by Illinois Electric Choice on November 4, 2011

Illinois residents certainly have one thing to be happy about. Even with the financial problems experiencing by almost everyone, smaller electric bills are being experienced by individuals as deregulation of energy supply gave them choices.

The competitive market for Illinois energy suppliers has made energy costs in Illinois something to be happy about. More and more residents are aware that they have an option to choose a supplier that can provide them with their energy needs at much lower costs. These residents now can choose among different suppliers for their energy source. The competition has made it easier for consumers to save more on their electricity bill without interrupting the services.

Moreover, the competition has encouraged energy suppliers to more innovations and more choices for customers. For instance, Bloomington energy customers and  Springfield energy customers can now lock-in the electricity prices of today until five years to protect them from changes in electricity rates. What’s more, the green options being offered by most companies for homeowners and businessmen give them a chance to tap greener and renewable sources of energy such as the wind and solar energy.

Illinois energy deregulation simply separated the supplier of your energy needs from the ones who will deliver them. You get to choose which company will provide your homes and business establishments with your energy needs but the transmission and delivery are still being handled by your local utility company. Therefore, you get to pay lower electricity bills while maintaining the same services. If you have problems with your energy output such as power outages, your local utility company will be the one to fix and bill you for this. There is definitely no strings attached no catch or gimmicks involved – just lots and lots of savings.

Being given several choices, consumers have control over their energy bill and consumption. The choices also increases the competition among providers, therefore, they provide more discounts and easy-payment deals that would be light on the customer’s pocket. No need to worry about freezing in winter or suffering the scorching heat of summer. You get to enjoy the benefits of electricity without the need to pay more or worrying about having your services cut off. Everyone stays safe and happy.

What is important is that together with energy-saving appliances and home improvements that would help conserve energy plus the energy deregulation, your electricity bill will be drastically reduced. This would mean more savings and more uses for the money saved.

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